Netflix Stranger Broadcast

The day a streaming platform took over a free-to-air TV Channel for 1 hour.

A huge majority of Brazilians still watch TV just like in the old days. So to attract new members, Netflix went to where they are by transforming itself into a free-to-air TV Channel from 1984, the year where Stranger Things Season 2 takes place.

Stranger Broadcast aired right after Teleton, one of the most iconic shows from SBT, with 83% of the audience made by non-Netflix users.

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Creative Direction


Clio 2018 - Entertainment
GRAND CLIO: Television/Streaming Partnerships and Collaborations

Cannes Lions 2018
SILVER: Entertainment

London International Awards
SILVER: Branded Entertainment - Taped or Live TV Event
SILVER: TV/Cinema/Online Film - Innovative Use of TV/Cinema/Online Film

CCSP 2018
BLACK STAR: Best of the Year
GOLD: Branded Content
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